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Game 68 - vs Minnesota


Ron Artest may or may not play. Kenny Thomas may or may not play. Brad Miller probably will not play.

Kevin Garnett will definitely play, and as it has been for a decade now, he will destroy the Kings. Sacramento's chances lay in trying to make sure the Randy Foyes and Craig Smiths and Mike Jameses and Mark Blounts and Ricky Davises and Trenton Hassells and Marko Jarics don't kill them, too.

Minny is clinging onto the life Sacramento just relinguished. Sliding away from Golden State's #8 spot, the Wolves need this bad.

Sacramento? Eh. I suspect no one will be terribly torn up either way, save maybe a clearly concerned Eric Musselman, brushing up the old resume.

I pray we get some real PT for the Garbage Time Globetrotters. That fourth quarter Monday was actually kinda fun.

7pm start.