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Life As An NBA Advance Scout

Dave at Blazer's Edge has a tremendous interview with Portland advance scout Pat Zipfel. Makes the game sound a lot less glamorous than us NBA fanboys would believe.

Last night, Kings advance scout Clay Moser talked to the radio pregame guys. What I learned from that:

  • The Kings have only one advance scout. Some teams have two or three, I assume Dallas has 20. But for the Kings, Moser does it all.
  • Moser's wife is eight months pregnant. He travels just about seven days a week. Not awesome.
Already, that makes my heart feel for Clay. Add in the following:
  • The Kings sucks.
  • There's a strong possibility Eric Musselman and his staff will be let go this offseason.
Crappy working conditions, nonstop business travel, assumedly non-millionaire pay, no job security. Other than that, it sounds great.

The Maloofs or Geoff Petrie or Muss should give Moser the rest of the year off. He indicated he has plans in place to zip home when the wife's water breaks, but still. If he's in Phoenix or San Antonio... that sucks. The Kings couldn't beat these teams if they were spotted 10 points. Why put extra stress on this guy's family?

Next time we complain about this team, let's think of Clay. He's got it way worse.