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ESPN's Sheridan: Musselman Could Be Fired Any Day Now's Chris Sheridan penned his coaching hot seat column today. Eric Musselman is at the top of the list. Here's what Sheridan has to say:

"... there is one place -- Sacramento -- where it would not surprise us to see Scott Brooks in charge on the bench by the time April arrives. The Kings' 1-4 road trip ended Monday night with Ron Artest glaring at Eric Musselman during a lopsided loss to the lowly Hawks, giving us reason to shift the odds on Musselman being the next to get some time off ..."

I don't doubt it either. Hell, it could happen tomorrow morning. After tonight's game in Phoenix, the Kings are off until Sunday. Dismissing Musselman Friday gives Brooks a bit of time to prepare. Otherwise, Monday morning could also work.

If they're going to can Muss at the end of the season (foregone conclusion?), there's no reason to wait til next month. Give Brooks an audition - maybe not for the Kings job, but for a head coaching spot in the NBA.

Someone needs to find a Maloof and get them on the record. Geoff Petrie has a master poker face; the Maloofs do not. Ask Joe or Gavin the question and leave the camera on them for 10 seconds, and we'll have our answer on whether Muss lasts until April 19.