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Could the Kings Lose Out?

A week or so ago, Chicago's Luol Deng (my favorite non-King in the league, along with Elton Brand) said the Bulls were going to win the rest of their games. They didn't, losing to Memphis fairly soon after the proclamation. (Sound the foghorn.)

You know what would be awesome? If our young star, Kevin Martin, came out and said the Kings are going to lose the rest of their games.

It could happen. We've been over the rough April schedule a million times already. The only non-playoff teams as of today are Memphis, Golden State and New Orleans, and two of those squads are knock-knock-knocking on the Clippers' door. (We have two games with the Clips, too.) Tonight is as sure a loss as you can imagine (back-to-back in Phoenix without a short bench, a god-complexed Ron-Ron, and a sick Martin). The only obvious gimmie would be the Memphis game, but hey, the Kings have already lost to Memphis this season.

If they did lose out, they'd have ended the season with a 16-game losing streak. The lowest they could probably get is the 3rd-worst record. It's more likely they win at least 25% of the remaining games, and that would get them into the middle of the Crap Pack which currently ranges from 3rd worst Milwaukee (25-42) and 8th worst Portland (27-40). (And Milwaukee will be without Andrew Bogut and Charlie Villanueva for the final stretch, so they could enter the Boston-Memphis zone.)

It's sad to actually look at the standings for any length of time. Our team is worse than the Warriors (ugh), the Pacers (huh?), and even the Knicks! Gross, ugly, heartwrenching, painful.

It'd be a mistake to focus on the draft lottery on May 22, because truly anything can happen - good or bad. Putting your eggs in the basket of chance can only disappoint.

But damn do we need a savior.