What's in it for Ron Artest to ditch his anger.

We can all see the obvious things...Ron Artest needs to cut it out before he harms himself or those he's encharged to protect. But after re-reading Eric Adelson's article "Scary Good":

I can see what's in it for Ron Ron. As he told a therapist;"I'm spoiled...I want things my way. Basketball has allways been something I felt I could control."

Indeed. And getting things your way all the time certainly puts one in control doesn't it?Ron Ron's anger gives him edge on the court. Makes him desirous of keeping out an opponents garbage. The more frustrated he gets, the harder he plays.Good for him.

But getting rid of the anger wouldn't just benefit  his personal life and lower his stress levels.Getting rid of the hold frustration has on him could also make him a better baller and really put his soul in control....

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