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Is the Media Covering For Kenny Thomas?

Sam Amick of The Sacramento Bee says Kenny Thomas will play today against Phoenix. He's been out for over a week, reportedly with a broken toe.

But twice this week during the radio pregame - on Wednesday and on Thursday - Coach Tom Abatemarco said Thomas was dealing with "personal issues with his family." If Coach T said it once, I would've shrugged it off. But he repeatedly the very next day, and Jason Ross (co-host and Maloof Sports and Entertainment employee) didn't deny the statement either time.

KT got married last summer. There were pictures of him at Sacramento International Airport - some folks on a message board thought it was a sign he was traded, until someone confirmed he was going on his honeymoon. As far as I've heard, KT doesn't have children.

I don't think I'm for more scrutiny of our players' personal lives. But at the same point, the local media is completely in Ron Artest's daily drama. Before Ron, local columnists loved nothing more than to expose Mike Bibby and Chris Webber's lives off the court (with a definite focus on the scandalous).

If something is going on with Thomas which is causing him to miss four games (when the team is already very shorthanded), why is the media passing it off without even mention? Ron wouldn't get that privilege, Mike wouldn't, even Kevin Martin wouldn't. Because Kenny isn't the most popular King, is he entitled to receive a free pass?

Again, Coach T could've been wrong. But it seems unlikely, and it seems a little weird that no one else is talking about it.