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Ron Artest Isn't Going To Retire

Ten reasons Ron Artest won't retire this summer:

  1. $16 million. Even crazy people don't walk away from $16 million.
  2. Because he's not seriously considering it right now. Geoff Petrie hit the nail on the head: this is another stream-of-consciousness, spur-of-the-moment thought from Ron's head. We all have thoughts like these - "I'm going to quit my job and go to grad school" or "I'm selling my stuff and moving to Canada." Except we don't broadcast these thoughts to everyone in the world.
  3. Ron Artest just found out this last summer that most of Europe is connected, that it's not a collection of islands. Yet you think he's thought seriously about which European league he might like to play for?
  4. The fact that he said "I'm gonna play in Europe" two breaths after "I'm going to retire" shows he's freelancing here. Retiring to spend time with your family, playing thousands of miles away for less money... does not compute.
  5. His agent will not let him give up $16 million.
  6. If he stays and declines his $8 million player option for 2008-09, I could see him getting a three-year $30 million deal. Even crazy people do not walk away from money like that.
  7. I assume Artest's family likes nice things. We all do. If your husband was going to give up $16 million on a whim, would you stop him?
  8. These things always calm down. Anyone remember the cover of SI with Larry Bird and Artest? What happens today with Ron changes tomorrow.
  9. He's reached Barry Bonds territory - if you believe a word he says, you're kidding yourself.
  10. Life just isn't that kind to us Kings fans.