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Game 59 - at Portland

I refuse to discuss the previous two Blazers games.

Instead, I'll point you to another fun roundtable the men of SBNation Hoops participated in, with a focus on statistics. (Hi, Evan.) Bullets Forever is hosting, enjoy.

As for tonight's game? Well, a third straight win would be nice. It seems the Kings haven't won in the second night of a back-to-back in ages...

Dave at Blazers Edge thinks the Brandon Roy-Kevin Martin matchup will weight heavily on this game, and I don't disagree. I'd look for Mike Bibby to continue his success with a good game against Jarrett Jack (who sat last time out). We'll see if Musselman returns to the press, which was so effective last night. Portland's a young team, but Roy and Jack are good ballhandlers. We'll see if some pressure can be effective in stunting Portland's offense and causing some turnovers.

Game's at 6:30 7:00. Enjoy.