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Jason Hart, Classy Dude

Despite Sacramento's two big runs to make it interesting (in the second and fourth quarters, when hmm surprise Francisco Garcia was in the game), the most intriguing aspect of the matchup was definitely Jason Hart's retribution.

He hit a three on Mike Bibby in the second quarter, then immediately start jawing like he was Jordan or something. Good fun my ass, that's like saying "I should be doing your job, sucker" when nothing could be further from sanity. Hart's mad Muss wouldn't sit Bibby or John Salmons to get the Hitman some run; instead of being happy he got an opportunity the Kings didn't have to give him, he's still acting hurt.

That technical he drew by taunting Muss after a layup in the fourth, when the game was still very much in the balance? Classy. Karma would've entailed the Kings winning by 1 and Hart being immediately struck by lightning; however, karma does not work on Friday nights, relaxing after a long week.

Kevin Martin fought through the cobwebs to score despite being abandoned by his midrange jumper, which was so silky all year. Brad Miller played tougher than I've seen him in months, he went very hard. Francisco was Francisco - one of the most underrated players in the league. Ron played well enough, and Corliss was his typical knack-for-the-bucket self. Bibby, though, was terrible on both ends after a brief hot start. Salmons didn't do much except miss jumpers. Shareef played nice defense, but couldn't do anything on the other end. And no one could keep a hand in Cuttino's face, which is a face that definitely needs a hand kept in front of it.

At least it's time, now: Free the Garbage Time Globetrotters.