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Ron Artest Would Like Some Fellatio, Please.

Sunday is typically the only day of the week I see the dead-tree version of The Sacramento Bee instead of the .com edition.

So imagine my horror open flipping to 6C and reading this lovely passage from Sam Amick (which was slightly altered on the website):

Artest had a blunt message for anyone who thinks he's faking it.

"They can all ... , really," Artest said, using a vulgar phrase referring to the male anatomy. "That's how I really feel about it."

There are three possibilities for the unprintable statement (and I apologize in advance for offending your Sunday sensibilities):
  1. "They can all kiss my Adam's apple, really."
  2. "They can all caress my scrotum, really."
  3. "They can all suck my d*ck, really."
I'm hoping it was Option #1, but I'm assuming it was Option #3.

How bad it that quote? Bad enough that Bee editors removed the reference to male anatomy in the online version. Bad enough that I can only assume Ron-Ron is going to get fined by the team. Bad enough that I might hire some personal security to accompany me to the Spurs game on Thursday.

The other day, NBA Fanhouse comrade Bethlehem Shoals said he'll "never really understand why Arenas is 'quirky' but Artest is merely a 'thug.'" This is why - he tells a reporter that his coach and his fans they can suck his d*ck if they find his game-time indecision annoying. 'Thug' isn't quite the right word for this situation - 'dumbass' might be more appropriate.