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Ron 'excused' from the team indefinitely.

No link yet, but a reporter at the press conference just said the Kings have 'excused' Ron Artest from the team indefinitely due to his Monday arrest on suspicion of domestic abuse. (And reporters somewhat gleefully discussed this with each other at the tail end of the presser, at least on my feed.)

More news from the presser:

  • The alleged abuse involved Artest pushing his wife to the ground several times.
  • Artest tried to leave in his H2 after the alleged abuse went down, but his wife bashed in his windshield with a cooking pot.
  • The 911 tape will be released Tuesday.
  • Artest bailed himself out at 2:30 pm.
  • Police have been to Artest's house on a similar matter once before, though it was determined no crime was committed at that time.
  • Artest was fully cooperative with authorities.