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Artest will be arraigned on March 22.

Ron Artest will be arraigned the morning of March 22. I'll assume the Kings will hold him out at least that long, though I wouldn't be surprised if he came back this Sunday, either.

Here's what the immediate schedule looks like.

03/06: GAME vs INDIANA.     7p.     Comcast.
03/08: GAME vs SAN ANTONIO. 7:30p.  TNT.
03/11: GAME vs DENVER.      12:30p. ABC.
03/13: GAME at CLEVELAND.   4p.     Comcast.
03/14: GAME at CHARLOTTE.   4p.     Comcast.
03/16: GAME at MIAMI.       4:30p.  News10.
03/17: GAME at ORLANDO.     4p.     News10.
03/19: GAME at ATLANTA.     4p.     Comcast.
03/21: GAME vs MINNESOTA.   7p.     Comcast.
03/22: GAME at PHOENIX.     6p.     News10.

That's a tough stretch with Good Ron, with Bad Ron, or without Ron. Six of those 10 are games the Kings need to win if they're serious about making a run at the playoffs (Indiana, Denver, Charlotte, Orlando, Atlanta, Minnesota).

I've been skeptical the playoffs were a possibility before this. I'm not sure how the exile changes things - San Antonio sounds more beatable with Ron around, surely, as does Cleveland. But the teams the Kings should beat anyways are ones they can beat without Ron.

I heard Mike Bibby picked Ron up from jail. Someone said they saw video on one of the news stations that showed one of Mike's trademark white luxury cars. Anyone know anything about this?