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Artest saga gets worse.

Impossible to ignore:

The report, released today, said that Artest used his hand to "repeatedly grab the (victim) and push her to the floor."

"Artest then slapped (victim's) face, by use of force prevented (victim) from leaving and took telephone from (victim) when she attempted to call 911 the first time," the report said. [...]

Placer County sheriff's officials also revealed that authorities have responded to calls at the Artest home six times since last August.

The 911 tape has also been released, and a large .wav file can be found at the above link. (13.8 MB for 1 min 22 sec. Someone at Placer County doesn't care about bandwidth costs.)

To spare you the download time, here's my unofficial transcript:

911 DISPATCHER: 911, what's your emergency?

KIMSHA ARTEST: Umm, I need to someone to make a complaint.

911: OK. And I'm confirming you're at 561--

KIMSHA: He's getting ready to leave, he's getting ready to take my car--

911: Ma'am, you're at 561-- garbled, likely edited to protect address

KIMSHA: (interrupting) Yeah, 561--

911: OK, and he's going to take your car?

KIMSHA: He's taking it now, I broke his windshield--

911: OK, is it his car, too?

KIMSHA: It's in my name, I got the title, the title's in both our names.

911: OK, he's taking a car that's in both your names?

KIMSHA: Mmmhmm.

911: (brief pause) OK, well he can take the car.

KIMSHA: OK, well... But he... OK. (crosstalk) I'm calling about domestic violence against him...

911: Ma'am, is there some fighting going on right now?

KIMSHA: Yeah, he's upset.

911: Um, did he hit you?

KIMSHA: Oh yeah. My hand is bleeding.

911: OK.

KIMSHA: I got a scratch on my leg.

911: OK, do you need medical ma'am?

KIMSHA: No, no, my finger's just bleeding. It's not (inaudible), it's just bleeding, and I'm not worrying about my finger.

911: OK, just hold on one sec.

(child talking, crying in the background, followed by substantial pause)

911: OK, ma'am, did he hit you today, ma'am?


(child says "Daddy can we go to ..." in the background)

911: OK. And so.. (child heard in background, apparently speaking to Ron0 OK, did he leave?

KIMSHA: No, he came back. He's standing right here.

911: Uh, he's standing right by you?

KIMSHA: Now he's walking toward me.

SECOND 911 DISPATCHER: Stay on the phone with her.

911: OK, stay on the phone ma'am.

KIMSHA: I'm on the phone.

Recording ends.

Not the most frantic 911 call I've ever heard. Hearing the young one (he's three) in the background pisses me off more than anything.

Reading the list of previous 911 calls to the Artest home speaks loudly of serious problems between the two, obviously. The Beamer crashing into the bushes in front of Ron's house when Ron wasn't in town, in particular, will draw attention.

But when the police report says he slapped her and that he ripped the phone away from her when she first tried to call 911? Most people who stuck up for him this morning are going to find it hard to continue to do so.