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Aldridge: Petrie Could Be On His Way Out

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In his weekly TNT Overtime segment for, respected NBA reporter David Alridge talks about Geoff Petrie's future with the team. (Click on 'TNT Video' for the segment; no transcript exists.)

Aldridge said some things we have glossed over a bit: the Maloofs are taking greater control over the personnel. Aldridge says Petrie wanted to find a different swap for Peja Stojakovic than Ron Artest last year, but the Maloofs insisted on Ron-Ron. We all know the Maloofs' action in the coaching switch and in calling off that Mike Bibby to the Lakers deal, as well.

Aldridge suggests Petrie might look to jump ship when he can, and possibly slide into the GM or president role in Portland, his longtime home as a player and executive.

And all this makes me sick to my stomach.

I know some will point the finger at Petrie for not retaining Bonzi Wells, for not finding a deal for Bibby or Artest at the deadline, for failing to deliver a young effective big save Brad Miller his entire tenue in Sacramento.

But listen: Petrie is the best GM this franchise has ever had by far. Over the last 25 years, there are only two or three executives you can put in his class. The Maloofs are not going to go out there and find an equal replacement, it's just far too unlikely. Losing Petrie because of a control struggle would be the biggest mistake the Maloofs could ever make.

I am sick to my stomach.