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Game 61 - vs San Antonio

I hate the Spurs.

I really really hate the Spurs.

I think many of you hate the Spurs, too. Let's discuss this.

The Spurs whine a lot. Some Spurs are dirty players. The Spurs are disciplined to point of predictability. However, the Spurs are well-built and well-coached, so you can not stop their predictable attack.

The Spurs some of the most detestable players in the league: Bruce Bowen (his nickname is "The Rash"), Manu Ginobili (makes Vlade Divac look like a doric column at the Parthenon), and Tony Parker (he's French, he will marry Eva Longoria this summer, the appearance of his facial muscles when he laughs frighten Jack Nicholson).

The Spurs win a lot, especially against the Kings. Of course, this is the greatest crime against San Antonio: they're fricking good. I DO NOT LIKE TEAMS WHICH FREQUENTLY BEAT THE KINGS. Simple, but profoundly true.

For these reason, it will be my utmost pleasure to boo and hiss at anyone in a black jersey tonight.

To the business:


PG - I hope the Kings do not make a habit of completely abandoning the offense just because Mike Bibby strings four shots together. Against Indiana, the sequence was thus: great offense, Bibby gets hot, bad offense, bad offense, medicore offense, game over, whew. We know he can get hot within the offense, but that didn't happen Tuesday. The Kings were lucky to hold on.
SG - Kevin Martin took charge in the fourth, where Ron typically would. Drew some fouls, was a big factor in the win.
SF - John Salmons played well in the start. He either needs to be a little more assertive when he gets an open look, or he needs to drive drive drive. Create something. Passing around the perimeter isn't going to get a better shot.
PF - Kenny Thomas hit the boards well against Indiana. He needs to do that again.
C  - Brad Miller's got some fight left. I think he'll finish the season hot.

PG - Can you imagine a guy like Tony Parker playing alongside Kevin Martin?
SG - Yeah, it would look something like when Tony Parker plays alongside Manu Ginobili. Hmmph. (And I know Manu comes off the bench now - yay, communists! - but he's the de-facto starting SG.)
SF - Bruce Bowen has no shot at the defensive player of the year finally, right? The angels sing.
PF - Tim Duncan is good.
C  - Francisco Elson is less so.

The Spurs are 7-point road favorites. The Kings could lose by 30 or win by 4. I'd bet on the losing by 30 before the winning by 4, though. By the way, the Spurs have a better road record than the Kings' home record. And they've won 11 straight. And they are at least in the same conversation as Dallas and Phoenix. And they're hitting their stride.

1.5 games out. Errrrmmmm....

I've got no haiku. Let's go Kings! WOOO! This would be a HUGE win. Can they do it?