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Musselman Interested in Alma Mater Job?

Since the University of San Diego just fired head coach Brad Holland, rumors are surfacing that Eric Musselman - a USD alum - might be interested in the job.

Musselman has never coached college, which tends to make me believe he has no interest in coaching college ball. But you'd be silly not to think his style would be much more effective at that level. Screaming at Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Mike Bibby isn't as useful as screaming at an 18-year-old kid on a partial scholarship, I imagine.

Sam Amick told us we'll know by April whether Musselman is long for the Kings job. He has this group playing hard as hell, we know that. How do the Maloofs and Geoff Petrie (whose status is also up in the air) feel about his performance?