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Ballhype Contest Update: April 10, 2007

Tonight's games:

Sacramento at Memphis

Indiana at Philadelphia

TZ may be away but the contest is still on!

Current standings:

ptgloden    7
mcwelk      7
louismg     7
tziller     6
king247     6
idjpg85     5
r3dlin3     4
ryancpeters 3
moproblemz  2
lunchbox    2
rynosauce   2
bma1078     2
cdoggy1     1

Check in your picks at the Ballhype forum, and root on your winners. I have it on good word from Ballhype management that a Sactown Royalty regular won the overall picks contest last week, so it can be done!

Remember: anyone who's tied with TZ or better at the end of the season gets entered into a drawing for the shirts.