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Game 77: at Memphis

If you thought things were bad over here in Sactown, take a look at the hapless Memphis Grizzlies, for whom the playoffs were never even a twinkle in their eye. Yes, they may just have a pretty good chance at landing a Greg Oden or a Kevin Durant, but until this season is over, they're stuck with the team they have today, the one that has "led" them to a record 40 games below .500 (19-59), making the Kings 31-45 record look rather princely (note I didn't say King-like).

The Grizzlies are the worst team in the NBA, by record, period, and are a mere 45 1/2 games behind Dallas in the Southwest conference.

(Yes, Memphis is in the Southwest, you didn't know?)

But that doesn't mean they'll just roll over by any means. In the team's two previous meetings, the Kings won 115-111 at Arco, but lost 124-117 at Memphis in late January. Guess where tonight's game is being played? That's right. Memphis.

If those two games are any indication as to what to expect tonight, it'll be a high scoring duel. Tipoff is at 5 Pacific, 8 Eastern.

Go "Insert Team Name Here"!