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Liberty? Who Needs Liberty?

We've been pulling for Justin Williams since October. Forgive me for the smug smile and rolling eyes when Grant Napear reaches his climax on these April blocks and rebounds and dunks.

Why is everyone surprised this kid can rebound and play defense? He's done it at every level. Yes, the University of Wyoming is not in the ACC. But five blocks a game is five blocks a game! He destroyed the D-League - something like 12 and 12 in 20something minutes. Yet he pulls down double-digit boards against the Grizzlies and the Spurs and we're shocked? Pay attention, people.

Williams is the most refreshing fountain of youth since Kevin Martin's winter scorched earth tour. Ronnie Price has been nice and Francisco Garcia is a future starter... but this explosion, vindicating us longtime boosters and making instant fans out of innocent bystanders, is truly fun to watch.

I mean, he's the reason to watch the Kings this final week, isn't he? He sure has come a long way from picking up 7 fouls in 22 minutes in a summer league game.