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Ballhype Contest Update

Here are the updated standings in the Ballhype contest, where the winner gets some Ron-Ron schwag:

mcwelk        10
king247       10
ptgloden       9
idjpg85        9
tziller        8
louismg        8
moproblemz     5
r3dlin3        4
ryancpeters    3
lunchbox       2
rynosauce      2
bma1078        2
bruinbrown     2
otis29         2
cdoggy1        1
kingme18       1

Anyone who is tied with me or better gets entered in a drawing for the schwag. To reward the best pickers, I'm going to weight the drawing, so the top pickers will get the top chance, a la the NBA lotto.

Today's games:
New Jersey at Cleveland
Clippers at Lakers

Remember: make your picks at Ballhype using the links above AND post your picks in the thread in the SR forum at Ballhype.