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Ronnie Price, Point Shaver?

Via Bill Simmons, an incredible breakdown of the questionable end of the Denver game two weeks ago, which went from 'sure 7+ point cover for Denver' to 'Kings lose by 5' in about 5 seconds, with an unbelieable timeout from Eric Musselman, some strange fouls and a ballsy buzzer three by Ronnie Price.

After you read it, here are my reactions:

  1. That was essentially the last breath for the Kings' playoff chances. They had just lost to San Antonio, and they had a must-win at home on national TV to get back into the 8-seed conversation. Down 8 with 12 seconds left in that game is different than in Game 30 or so.
  2. Eric Musselman was coaching for his career, more or less, because of the playoff implications.
  3. Ronnie Price plays like that every second he's on the court. If it were Brad Miller or even Mike Bibby, I'd call shenanigans. But Ronnie plays his ass off constantly, not just when the cover is in jeopardy.