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Game 79 - vs Golden State

"We've got a lot of guys with a lot of pride on this team -- pride in this town -- and nobody is really pleased with the situation we are in."

That's Shareef Abdur-Rahim. With wins over Utah and Memphis, and tough fights against Houston and San Antonio, the Kings on the court have proved they aren't going out like punks.

We've all been impressed with the strides Francisco Garcia and Ronnie Price and Justin Williams have made the last week or so. But I've been equally impressed with the attitudes of Mike Bibby and Brad Miller.

Geoff Petrie tried his damnedest to move Bibby at the deadline. If Petrie could move Miller, he would in a second. Neither player could remotely be considered 'the future of the Kings' and next year's starting lineup could realistically be without both.

Yet with the kids running the floor and the team running out the season, Mike Bibby and Brad Miller have been courtside, clapping harder and cheering louder than anyone not named Sign Lady. Price and Williams - the splintered-ass hype guys most of the season - have replaced Bibby and Miller on the floor, and Bibby and Miller have replaced the kids as the cheerleading section. It's been beyond refreshing to see Bibby smiling after a crazy Garcia block or see Miller shout encouragement after a Williams putback.

Pride is all that's left, and it's great to see the Kings still have it.

Four games left, every single one against a team playing for their postseason lives. The pride's in place, which means this could be a fun four games.

Don't forget: Eric Musselman isn't conceding this game. Last summer, he promised to haunt the Warriors; that has not happened. (Unless he doorbell-ditches Chris Mullin regularly, which I can totally visualize.) I guarantee he wants to kill Golden State and knock them right out of the playoffs tonight.

7 pm start. Unleash the Douby? We'll see.