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This Francisco Garcia, He's Pretty Good

That was a fun Sunday game - a first-half blowout, some drama towards the end, a win for the Sactown kids.

I don't need to write about Francisco Garcia any more than I have - he's good. That fall-away three was Bibbyesque.

His confidence is spreading around the team like a VD, though. Justin Williams didn't play great, but his fourth-quarter block on Corey Maggette was freaking huge. Quincy Douby was a defensive monster, flying in for some insane rebounds and generally staying in opponents' faces. Even Eric Musselman seems more motivated this past week than anyone, and his strong relationship with Garcia is well-documented.

All of which begs the question... is Garcia the future team leader? Is this the new Vlade, the glue that connects the cliques and runs with everyone? It sure looks like this is the case - joking with Mike Bibby and Brad Miller on the bench, shouting encouragements at Douby on the floor, constantly discussing the game with Kevin Martin and Ron Artest, always listening to Musselman's every word. It's been a vacuum, so it's good to see a young guy step into the role.