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Artest: "I Kind of Wished We Could Have Lost"

Yikes. It's one thing for us cynical fans to root for the Kings to go into the tank and give us a better chance at picking up a marquis player to adorn our hardwood in the coming years, but buried in a story which highlighted Artest's career high 10 assists, Ron-Ron says he kinda, sorta, is in the same boat. And, surprisingly, he's not wishing the Kings had lost to do his own team any favors, but instead, he feels bad for the Clips!

"I always want to see my boy (Elton Brand) in the playoffs," Artest said. "I kind of wished we could have lost tonight so that they could have won, because I like to see Elton do well all the time."

Really, Ron-Ron? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret.

You're paid $7,526,316 for the current season. The Kings are shelling out the equivalent of nearly $92,000 per game, whether you play or not, to have you bust your hump to make sure you help the team come home with a W. That means if you feel sorry for the other team you're whuppin' on, that's too frickin' bad. It doesn't matter if you're buds with the guy wearing a different color uniform, whether you guys play poker in the offseason, or even if he offered backup vocals for your latest album.

You're paid $92k to kinda, sorta, always wish and want for the Kings to win. So while we're pleased you nailed a career high 10 assists and 15 points to help the Kings actually win on Sunday, this is the last time I want to hear you talk about how you kinda, sorta, wish you would have lost.