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Ballhype Contest Update

The latest standings, with two days to go:

The standings:

king247      14
ptgloden     14
tziller      12
louismg      11
mcwelk       10
idjpg85      10
moproblemz    5
kingme18      5
r3dlin3       4
ryancpeters   3
otis29        3
lunchbox      2
rynosauce     2
bma1078       2
bruinbrown    2
cdoggy1       1

king247 and ptgloden seem assured of presences in the drawing, with louismg, mcwelk, and idjpg85 very much alive.

Four games up for grabs again today:
Orlando at Washington
Toronto at Detroit
Clippers at Phoenix
Dallas at Golden State

Make your picks, post them in the Ballhype forum.