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Notes From the Grave

Things are going to get hectic very quickly - The Bee is reporting that Eric Musselman will be fired by Friday and Geoff Petrie is heading to Europe to scout players for two weeks starting Sunday. We're going to have our hands full quite soon.

So before all that happens, some notes:

  • Remember this season by an insane Ronnie Price dunk.
  • Kevin Martin has shown over the course of the season he is an incredible talent and will loom HUGE in Sacramento's future. We thought he'd break out before the season. We thought 'break out' meant 17 ppg on a true shooting of .590. He average 20 on .614 TS%. Star in the making. No - star's already here. Hell, how about a KevMar highlight video?
  • We'll talk more about this next week or so, but THANK YOU CORLISS WILLIAMSON! The classiest King of all time. I'll miss that guy, assuming he doesn't re-sign.
  • And finally, thank you to the best Kings fans in the world - the Sactown Royalty community. You guys and gals have stuck through a wholly unwatchable season with tons of great insights, hilarious lines, respectful debates, and terrific support for us fellow commiserators. Thank you, friends.