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Ballhype is Here

(I will get to the Lakers game a bit later. I'm busy pondering what the Bibby trade which would've brought Kwame Brown to Sactown would have done to my heart rate.)

That exciting news I prefaced yesterday: Ballhype has arrived! It's a project from's Jason Gurney and his wife Erin, who have spent the last few months perfecting the service.

What is it? Well, it's a social media site which gives you the latest and greatest sports news and analysis from around the web how you want it. Like sites such as Digg, you can vote on stories to get them to the frontpage. Unlike Digg, Ballhype automatically gathers posts from more than 1,600 sports blogs, allowing posts from lesser known blogs get new eyes. There's also the lowpost features you love, like the raw content feeds and the story threads. And of course, all sports are represented. Personally, it's allowed me to keep up with the Premiership fairly easily without paying attention to the Premiership.

How's this affect Sactown Royalty? Well, it's contest time! I have two Ron Artest t-shirts (pictures coming Tuesday) I'll be giving away later this month. Details will come tomorrow. In the meantime, register at Ballhype and join the Sactown Royalty group.

Hope you all enjoy Ballhype as much as I have so far!