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Tiebreaker Today in New York

The tiebreaker to decide the 8-10 draft positions will be held today in New York.

This tiebreaker is inconsequential as far odds for the top 3 picks are concerned. (Those odds, as stated in the sidebar: 1.9% for 1st, 2.23% for 2nd, and 2.68% for 3rd.) But this tiebreaker is HUGE. If no one slotted to pick 8th or lower gets a top 3 pick in the lottery, then the tiebreaker winner picks 8th, the loser picks 10th, and the other team picks 9th.

For some perspective: last year, Rudy Gay went 8th, Patrick O'Bryant went 9th, and Saer Sene went 10th. Gay is a Rookie of the Year candidate, the other two were D-League All-Stars.

Of course, who you pick matters. I trust Geoff Petrie. (Call it the Peja-Gerald-Kevin Corollary.) The key here is making sure the players he wants are on the board. Being higher helps.

Update [2007-4-20 12:22:19 by TZ]: In his chat on, Chris Sheridan says the tiebreaker will involve ping pong balls, and it will occur live on NBA TV some time around 11 am Pacific.

Update [2007-4-20 15:29:27 by TZ]: The Kings lost the tiebreaker, and will receive the 10th pick in the draft should the Kings nor any team slotted to pick below them not earn a top 3 pick. Essentially - they're picking #10 with a slight chance of picking top 3 and a slighter chance of picking #11.