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Prognostication Gone Awry

Jason Gurney (you may also know him as SR commenter jgurney) at Ballhype has reflected on the preseason prognostications of the bloggers who particpated in that massive league preview in October.

All those people who accuse me of wearing purple-colored glasses: You have ammo.

I was the fourth most insane ridiculous overly optimstic blogger, overshooting the Kings win total by 17. Ouch. Two Celtics bloggers (included NBA previews honcho Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog) and an apparently defunct Memphis blogger were worse.

I'd defend myself, but I can't. I said 50 wins, I was an idiot, here's my crow. (I'm thinking Crow in a Blanket, actually.)

A full evaluation of my specific prediction will be presented shortly. You might wanna skip Sactown Royalty that day.