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...And It All Comes Crashing Down

Finally, the real reasons for Eric Musselman's firing come out.

Corliss Williamson put it at the top of his personal list in terms of dysfunction, this from a 12-year veteran whose Kings teams were a combined 100-146 in his first three seasons. John Salmons sometimes marveled at how there was always some distraction in the works, and he hails from the NBA soap opera capital of Philadelphia. Don't believe us yet? Shareef Abdur-Rahim -- who came to town in 2005 having played on nine previous losing teams -- said he can't remember so many players being unhappy with how they were used.

All these reasons are why a former player will be hired to coach the Kings this summer. Musselman has ruined it for any future Lawrence Franks or Jeff Van Gundys in Sacramento. It may be an overreaction, but it's what Geoff Petrie and the Maloofs have to do to correct this year's failings.

Sadly, perhaps, I think Stan Van Gundy won't be considered. He had some sort of beef with Shaquille O'Neal, and he's not a "player's coach." (Is anyone associated with Pat Riley a "player's coach?")

Marc Iavaroni is the favorite in my mind. I think Mario Elie - who was the opposite of Muss, really - will get a serious look. Elie, remember, has an existing relationship with Ron Artest and was the mediator on Mike Montgomery's Golden State teams. He was the diffuser Don Nelson didn't want around (because he didn't want diffusion, he wanted revolution). He's definitely a guy who will be heard by players and coach accordingly. Of course, he has no head coaching experience, like Iavaroni.

I think Scotty Brooks is unfortunately out. I bet my breakfast he was the guy on the staff players went to in expressing the above concerns about roles and playing time and consistency from the coach. Don't forget the way the players responded when Muss went out with the DUI suspension. But sadly, I think Petrie wants to obliterate any reminder of this dark season from the bench, and that means no more Scott Brooks.

The Musselman tenure was a wild swing away from the Adelman era. Musselman's failure will now bring forth a wild swing back to those old ways.