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Whisenant + Theus?

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! is relaying a coaching rumor (thanks to cwebb for the tip:

Here's the idea, according to a Western Conference official: Hire two-time Sacramento Monarchs WNBA championship coach John Whisenant, now the team's general manager, and bring along ex-Kings star and New Mexico State coach Reggie Theus as his top assistant and eventual successor.

Two questions:
  1. The team didn't respect Eric Musselman, allegedly because a) he never played in the NBA, b) he has an annoying/grating personality, and c) the DUI. What about 'WNBA-head-coach' scream RESPECT ME? Not a whole lot.
  2. What would the Theus timeline be? Do you promise him a job in three years? In two? Couldn't he theoretically get a job NOW? Are you essentially giving up for three years if you execute this plan?
Wojnarowski says in the piece that Whisenant is well-regarded by Petrie. That may be the case, but I can't imagine Petrie regarding Whisenant well enough to throw him into the fire like this. If this happens, you're forced to trade Ron Artest and Mike Bibby and start over, more or less. You have to draft big to follow Whiz's defensive blueprint, you have to trade your #2 and #3 scorers. You're backing yourself into a corner.

A year ago, I threatened to rampage if Whiz got the job (and by all indications, it was rather close to happening). Now? I was dead wrong about Muss, so I'm willing to defer to Petrie's judgment. Having an actual plan - build a defensive team for Whiz, transition to Theus - is better than no plan at all.

I still can't imagine this happening with the respect issues the Kings couldn't overcome this season.

(For the record: Theus' New Mexico State team was around the top third in the nation for offense and defense last year, playing at a speedy pace.)