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I Completely Agree With Marty McNeal

WARNING: Strange things are afoot. This never happens.

Marty McNeal's column on possible replacements is pretty dead on. He argues it's a situational thing - someone who's had success elsewhere might not work here, and someone who's been screwed elsewhere could be awesome in Sacramento.

And like me, McNeal looks to support Mario Elie as an early candidate. Elie will be heavily mentioned for two reasons: he interviewed last year, and he's the polar opposite of Musselman personality-wise. He has assistant coaching experience, he's a championship-winning former player, he has relationships with existing players including Ron Artest, he was a tremendous defensive guard, and he's young and unaccounted for.

But the key is, even if Elie isn't the choice... there's no telling what the next couple years will bring, and the coach is only a piece of that. We may cover this hire like it's the moon landing, but keep the perspective that ultimately this summer's draft and trade season will decided wins and losses a lot more than whomever takes over Musselman's job.