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Vlade Divac Sells Fake Gucci

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Vlade Divac has had his share of WTF stories... but getting sued for selling fake designer handbags takes the cake.

For those of you who haven't already seen this story:

Though it exudes elegance, [Vlade's] store is mired in two ugly lawsuits that accuse it of pawning off fake Gucci bags as the real thing.

In one suit, filed in federal court last year, Gucci demands that the store stop selling counterfeit Gucci products. A second suit was filed April 18 in state court by a consumer who says he was duped.

And on Thursday, the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office confirmed it is pursuing a criminal investigation of L'Image.

Selling knockoffs is bad, sure. Pay the people back. Still, I have trouble working up significant pity for folks who spend hundreds of dollars on designer handbags... and can't tell those handbags are fake. If you're buying something solely for the brand stamp, you should be able to tell that the brand stamp is real, right? I wouldn't pay $50,000 for a Hyundai with a Mercedes emblem on the back...

At least this didn't happen at Tunel 21, Vlade's Oldtown restaurant. "I ordered the sirloin... this isn't sirloin... it's... Ron Artest's dog?" Fake leather is much less worrisome than fake dinner.