Crackhead Trade Rumors

The title says it all. Or maybe not. Either way I'm going to print 3 rumors I believe the kings should pursue. As always they work under the cap. No point in starting rumors if they dont work money wise.

1st Trade: Andrei Kirilenko for Shareef-Abdur Rahim/Kenny Thomas

Ok Ok i get it. Why would utah do it? Because sooner or later they have to make a decision. And trading Rahim is alot easier than trading kirilenko at this point. He has some trade value (i dont care what kings fans think he does) and particularly to a team like say chicago? If the next point is why would the kings trade for Kirilenko? Well he's only 26. He's got a lengthy injury history. He had a tough season and has recently whined. But the way he plays is exactly what the kings need. And for the next 4 years he could transistion a transistioning franchise into something entirely different. No he isn't a franchise player. No i wouldnt ever consider trading anybody but k9 & reef to get him. But it's worth a shot.

Trade Rumor 2: Ron Artest/John Salmons for Jason Williams/Michael Doleac/Dorell Wright/Mia's 1st round pick this year

Why miami does this? Well they're in bad need of players who can complement Dwyane Wade. Williams is old and doesn't play defense. That should present no problems for the kings. Oh but he does have 1 year left. As does doleac. Would Miami do it? Well they might for a couple reasons. Salmons is a solid all around player and gives them things they need. An extra ball handler/defender on the perimeter. He's a good rebounder. He plays 3 positions. And he's young. Artest it's a given. They need a guy who can check the best 2 3 or under certain circumstances 4 of the other team. Artest being motivated and playing the way he can do that for Miami. Sacramento's reason is simple. They clear cap room @ the end of the 07 08 season with williams and doleac. About 10 mil worth. They get a solid (if nothing else) young player and a chance to bring in another 1 with mia's draft pick. This is a deal worth doing regardless of anything else. I have made it clear the kings need to trade artest. This is the best possible value i think they can get. Particularily if Miami ends up flaming out of the 1st rd (as i write this on sat) looks like they will do.

3rd trade scenario: Mike Bibby for Eric Snow, Drew Gooden, Conditional 1st rd pick in 2010

Why cleveland does this? Well they move snow & gooden 2 unhappy players out of their rotation. They get a badly needed complementary perimeter scorer for Lebron. They move a contract they're having an impossible time moving in eric snow. So why does sacramento do it? Well pretty simple. I believe that any young PG (i wouldn't doubt that @ the start of training camp there will be 2 on the roster and 1 of them wont be ronnie price) needs a good older mentor. I think snow is that guy. Plus if the kings pull off an AK47 deal than depth is need. That's where gooden comes into play. Lastly since youre giving up a much better asset the 1st rd pick even things up.

Overall the deal i see being hardest to pull off is the Kirilenko deal. Utah wants value for him but I cant imagine how a guy with his injury history and recent performance combined with his pricey lengthy contract will attract much. If the best they can do is break his contract up into 2 players then trade 1 i see that being the best option for them. Whether they see that is another story.
The ron artest deal is pretty much i think being set in stone. The cap room/wright/draft pick gives the kings more than enough reasons. Dorell Wright might not be a household name. But he's a quality young player. Miami would be taking a risk but a worthwhile one. After all Salmons is a quality rotation player especially for a team like Miami that is old & slow. Salmons is neither.
The Mike Bibby deal is pretty simple. It's clear mike has worn out his welcome here in the big tomato. As such finding a deal that helps complement the team is the best the team can do. However I think this deal is contigent on the kirilenko deal going through.

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