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Ballhype Contest - Pick the Winners, Win Ron-Ron Tees.

Alright, here's all the factoids on the promised contest, which will hopefully make the end of the season a bit more interesting...

I have two Ron Artest t-shirts to give away courtesy of k1x, Ron's shoe company. They look like this:

Except the the on the left is in white. Both are size large. Never worn, obviously. Thanks to Niels from k1x for hooking them up.

This is how the contest will work:

  • Every day from today until April 18, I will post two games here and at the Sactown Royalty group on Ballhype. If there's a Kings game that night, that'll be one of them.
  • Pick the winners of the two games through Ballhype. This requires that you join Ballhype, which is free and damn easy.
  • At Ballhype in the Sactown Royalty group forum, I'll have a post for each day's games. After you make your picks, post your picks in there. For example, if you picked Dallas over the Kings and Denver over the Lakers today, you'd post "Dallas, Denver" in the correct thread. For each correct pick, you get +1. For incorrect picks, you get nothing. This rewards people who play everyday as well as folks who pick well.
  • I'll keep a running tally and post it here and at Ballhype. At the end of the regular season, everyone who has as many or more points as me (I'll be picking too) will have their name entered in a random drawing. The winner of the drawing gets the t-shirts.
  • Feel free to wear, gift, donate, or set ablaze the t-shirts, depending on your feelings at Ron-Ron.

Today's games are:
Dallas at Sacramento
LA Lakers at Denver

Remember to pick them before they begin! I'll try to get future games up in advance at the Ballhype forum.