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Game 72 - vs Dallas

Well, the Kings improbably avoided a sweep at the hands of Phoenix last week. With three losses in three tries against the Mavericks this season, can the Kings even dream of pulling it off tonight?

Smart money says "no way in hell." Smart money don't lie. Too many offensive weapons for Dallas, too few for Sacramento. It should be an explosion, and it should be fare well for the Kings.

I won't pretend to have the answer for how to beat the Mavs - no one does. Phoenix played lights out offense Sunday for their victory, and when Phoenix plays lights out on offense they will beat anybody and everybody. That is no blueprint for a mortal team like the Kings.

This game is a prayer, nothing more and nothing less. Sorry for those expecting analysis - you cannot analyze awesome versus not awesome when the gap is both evident and wide.

I'll be in attendance again, my last live game of the year. When I bought these tickets, I anticipated a fairly important matchup with ramifications of some kind. I'll instead settle for seeing greatness in the visitor's jerseys.

7 pm start. Free Douby! Free Williams! Free Price!