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Underachieving Gets You Nowhere

Tony Mejia of CBS Sportsline says the Kings had every right to challenge for a playoff spot, but should now absolutely be written off for good.

To the Kings, he says:

"Thanks for all the memories, fellas. Now, lay down perfectly still and don't mind the dirt being sprinkled on you. It's over. You're dead. Time for burial."

It's not for a lack of talent or entertainment value. Meyjia even credits the Kings for keeping us entertained with Bibby's wrist injury (Ha Ha!) to Artest's legal issues (Ho Ho!), threatened retirement (Hee Hee!) or exile to Europe (Stop, you're killing me!). He's right! That's some hilarious stuff!

In fact, we shouldn't just be challenging for the playoffs, but we should have a spot sewn up. But something keeps getting in the way.

"There's no reason the Kings shouldn't still be alive in the playoff chase -- in fact, they should have a spot reserved -- but underachieving gets you nowhere."