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Game 74 - at Denver

Just to refresh: the Kings frontcourt will have the services of Brad Miller, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Justin Williams, and Vitaly Potapenko tonight.

Eric Musselman would rather climb into a washing machine loaded with ninja stars and turpentine than give Justin any meaningful playing time. He'd rather play Human Frogger on the Capitol City Freeway than give Shareef more than 28 minutes of burn. And Potapenko? Let's just say Big VPot and Dorothy Musselman, Eric's mother, had a nice seafood dinner which did not end well.

As much as I dislike Kenny Thomas' basketball ability (more on that tomorrow), it's painful to see this turn into such a disaster. Really, for storytelling sake, the only reasonable thing that can come out of this season is a five guard line-up at some point, just to nail the image of ineffiency and abominationitude the bigs have been. (That might be the worst sentence in written word's history; I apologize, but I do not regret.)

Marcus Camby had 22 and 21 last night, for the record. This says nothing of Nene or even Reggie Evans. This will play out much worse than that Dallas game, I can assure you. Unless Kevin Martin and Ron Artest and Mike Bibby all go off without conscious, mark the loss.

Oh well, game on. Enjoy the show.