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Ballhype Contest Update

Tonight's games:
Utah at Sacramento
Milwaukee at Atlanta (truly a hot matchup)

Current standings:

ptgloden    4
tziller     4
idjpg85     4
louismg     4
r3dlin3     3
mcwelk      3
moproblemz  2
ryancpeters 2
king247     2
lunchbox    2
rynosauce   2
cdoggy1     1
bma1078     1

A question came up: If you make your picks but forgot to post in the Ballhype forum, does it count? Yes, but only if you let me know in the forum or through private message. I can't check everyone's profile every day, so you've gotta let me know. Ballhype won't let you pick a game after it starts, so there's no way to cheat it.

Remember: anyone who's tied with me or better at the end of the season gets entered into a drawing for the shirts.