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Game 75 - vs Utah

A few predictions regarding tonight's game:

  1. We'll see some more Justin Williams early. Eric Musselman doesn't want to be the first NBA coach fired at halftime, does he?
  2. Francisco Garcia and Matt Harpring will glare at each other at some point. Two active, tough dudes.
  3. Mike Bibby will shoot under .500. Shocking, I know.
  4. Ron Artest will continue his hot streak by going hard at Andrei Kirilenko.
  5. The Kings will be outscored by 10+ in one quarter.
  6. Jerry Sloan will swear at an official.
  7. There will be some discussion of whomever the Monarchs picked in the WNBA draft the other day, since Jerry Reynolds really likes his job with the Monarchs and the Maloofs really want Kings fans to like/care about/be aware of the Monarchs.
  8. Jerry Reynolds will say the name "Greg Oden" at some point, but will avoid the wrath of David Stern since no ones realizes Jerry Reynolds still works in the Kings front office.
  9. Kevin Martin, 20+.
  10. Derek Fisher will hit 2+ three-pointers.
Gear up the Yahoo! boxscores, it's scoreboard-watching time. Root for Minnesota over New York, Philadelphia over Toronto, Charlotte over Indiana, Atlanta over Milwaukee, Portland over Houston, and Seattle over the Lakers. And you know, the Kings. I guess. If you want.