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Untradeable? Psshh.

Consider this my response to any pundit who says Ron Artest will be untradeable this summer.

           eFG%   TS%  Pt40 Shot40   RbR  AstR  TOr   PER
Player A   .494  .547  20.5   18.7  10.3  14.0  9.2  19.2
Player B   .486  .549  30.5   27.7   8.9  11.2 10.9  21.9

The pair are similarly efficient from the field, but Player B shoots a helluva lot more frequently. Player A is a superior rebounder by a decent margin, and a significantly better distributor and ballhandler. Based on the frequency of his shooting and the fact he can keep his efficiency above average at that high frequency, Player B is considered the better player, and surely is on offense by a not ignorable margin.

Let's add in that Player B is terrible on defense, and Player A is a contender for the NBA's All-Defense team. They start to look fairly even, right?

Player A, Ron Artest. Player B, Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony has actually missed more games due to disciplinary action/off-court drama this season (15) than Ron (5). Melo is untradeable in the sense that Denver would not even think about trading Melo for anyone. Artest is considered untradeable because no one would another chance on such a volatile guy.

Sadly, we've reached our wit's end with Ron's drama here in Sacramento and Geoff Petrie will seek out a market. But don't think Petrie will buy into the hype and offload him for chicken crap and a cheeseburger. Artest is still a very good NBA player, and the Kings should be able to get something significant in return.