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I'm not mad.

I wish the three-pointers were less frequent. I wish Justin Williams wasn't the victim of serious foul trouble. I wish Ron Artest could purchase buckets, even if he is far too proud to ever do such a thing. I wish Brad Miller was even a shadow of his former offensive juggernaut self.

But I'm not mad.

Williams had a brilliant first half against the longest team in the league. Martin was darn good, even if he couldn't draw a foul in the second half. Francisco Garcia was straight outta a Marquez novel - magically real. We again saw plenty of Ronnie Price. We saw our favorite team give another night of strong effort despite promises of no reward in a week.

I'm really not mad, not at endgame execution (or the lack there of), not at the continued shackling of Quincy Douby, not at another close loss to Houston.

It's sad that progress for a team once expected to be serious playoff players comes in the form of a 76th game moral victory. But hey, you work with the Basketball Gods gave ya.