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Brooks Meets With Petrie

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I don't know if you could call lunch an interview, but Scott Brooks got some extended face time with Geoff Petrie last week, according to The Bee's Sam Amick's sources.

This was a separate meeting from Petrie's awaited one-on-ones with all Eric Musselman's assistants. I'm guessing Petrie really wanted to get into Brooks' head, find out what type of coach he could be and what he thinks about the roster.

I know some fans have problems with Brooks -- you want to scrub yourself of everything about last year, you want a coach with lots of experience, you want a big name. Fine, that's what you want. After sitting through a year of Muss, you're certainly entitled to ask for the moon. But Brooks is the type of candidate -- a player recently removed for the jersey, extensive and varied assistant coaching experience, well-liked by current players, local ties -- we'd be clamoring for had he not been a Sacramento assistant last season. If Brooks were still coaching under George Karl in Denver, he'd be all over our radars.

Again, I like the idea of Scott Brooks. Who knows how he'll turn out? But I like the idea.