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Vescey: Denver Wants Ron-Ron

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From the 'ah-what-the-hell' files:

Peter Vescey is reporting that Denver and Sacramento have had 'serious dialogue' about a deal to send Ron Artest to the Nuggets. Vescey also says Kenyon Martin would have to be a part of the deal.

Several questions:

  1. What position does Ron play in Denver? Do they go with a Blake (or whomever)/Iverson/Melo/Ron/Camby lineup? Or Iverson/Melo/Ron/Nene/Camby? I don't really see a workable lineup there unless the Nuggets move Camby (which has been rumored) and shift Nene to center. Nene, at $10 million a year, is not a bench player.
  2. Why does Kenyon Martin have to be involved? Camby for Artest straight up works. So does Artest for Eduardo Najera and Reggie Evans. The only way Martin comes to Sacramento in an Artest deal, I'm guessing, is if Denver also takes Kenny Thomas. In that case... still no. Martin is making HUGE money with two knees in worse shape than Don Nelson's liver. Go away, Peter Vescey, and never come back.
  3. Two KMarts, on one team? My brain already hurts.