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Whither Iavaroni?

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I'm rather surprised we haven't heard a peep about Marc Iavaroni in connection with the Sacramento job. He's only interviewed in Memphis -- he spoke to the Grizzlies while the Suns were still in the playoffs, which is rather shocking. Toronto's sticking with Sam Mitchell. Houston has decided on Rick Adelman. Indiana is going to pick Stan Van Gundy. The oddsmakers are taking Sam Vincent to Charlotte. Orlando still hasn't fired Brian Hill. Seattle is a complete fricking disaster right now.


If the Kings can't have the top pick in tomorrow's draft lottery, I'm rooting for Memphis. Why? If Memphis wins, I'd call them a mortal lock to hire Larry Brown. LB is a glory hound, and Pau+Oden with some nice pieces in Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry means GLORY in a few seasons. Michael Heisley, the Grizzlies' owner, is an attention hound. Hiring Larry Brown is the most clear way to get a whole lot of (positive) attention quickly.

Only two events can derail this: Memphis losing the top pick, or that evil Jerry West convincing Heisley to choose the Iavaroni-David Griffin combo for coach and GM.

If Memphis takes Brown... Sacramento and Orlando are the logical destinations for Iavaroni. (Orlando is actually perfect for him, but I've already said too much.) Iavaroni is my preferred candidate BY FAR.

Why? As I explain at The FanHouse, he has it -- that undefineable virtue that tells you he can command a locker room and a press room and a huddle with referees. This is not a guarantee that Ives will be a great NBA head coach or that he comes bearing championship rings. He's just a whole lot more inspiring than the others, largely because of it.

I also think his potential hybrid mindset -- his background is as a low-post beast, his recent experience is with a fast-breaking team -- is intriguing.