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Representing Your Sacramento Kings...

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The options which circulated in my mind as to who should be in Seacaucas to represent the Kings at the NBA Draft Lottery tonight:

  • Geoff Petrie, the architect.
  • Kevin Martin, the future.
  • Joe and Gavin Maloof, the check-signers.
  • Jerry Reynolds, the company man.
  • Yolanda Griffith, Sacramento's only MVP.
  • Ron Artest, because you know, what the hell?
  • Kenny Thomas.
Nope. None of those. Instead, it's... Phil Maloof and John Kehriotis.

Phil Maloof is the uncle of Joe and Gavin, and a partner in Maloof Sports and Entertainment (which owns the Kings, Monarchs, The Palms Casino and Resort, and other ventures). He collects pipe organs and Caddies. He is absolutely hilarious, actually. That picture, that's actually Uncle Phil...

Unfortunately, that's not the Phil Maloof who will be in attendance. The Phil Maloof going to Seacaucas is Uncle Phil's son, an executive VP with MSE who works mostly on the hotel/casino side and used to be in politics. He was a New Mexico state Senator at age 26, and almost beat Congresswoman Heather Wilson in 2000. Now, by all indications, he's a playboy 30something with hella money and some wild and crazy cousins. And a chance to become an instant hero in the city of Sacramento, of course.

Kehriotis is another hotel guy, and a minority (8%) owner of the Kings. He also appears to be quite a good doubles tennis player and thought about buying the Oakland A's. Judging from the last name, I don't think he's Irish.

I don't know. I think I'd be more hyped if Uncle Phil was going. Or Ron-Ron. I guess at this point in the Kings arch of fate, I just want to be entertained.