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Van Gundy Will Not Coach the Pacers

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Indiana wanted to take Stan Van Gundy to the dance, and Stan Van Gundy thought about it. Then, Stan Van Gundy said no.

But why?

Did Stan Van Gundy find a more handsome suitor? Did Stan Van Gundy realize Indiana was an empty pair of slacks, a directionless boy without a clue about his future? Did Stan Van Gundy decide to blow the dance and hang out with his newly single sist-- err, brother?

He's not going with Charlotte -- we know that much. Charlotte asked Sam Vincent, and Sam Vincent said yes. Maybe Stan Van Gundy is waiting for Orlando to ask him? That'd be a cute pair.

Maybe Sacramento will take the opportunity to make their move... if they don't want to keep waiting on Terry Porter and Detroit to break up.

Ah, spring.