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Petrie on European Prospects

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At the official blog of the Kings, Andrew Nicholson quotes Geoff Petrie on the purpose of his recent scouting trip to Europe:

Did your European trip enhance your overall view of the draft?

"I went over there particularly to see some younger guys that are in this draft and I had seen a couple of them before. Some of them had put their names in before and withdrawn. I just wanted to make sure. It's the old saying, "if you do something, you want to know as much about why you're doing it as you can and if you don't do something, you want to know the same thing."

Did you find any good players over there?

"Yeah, I think there are good players over there still. There will be some good young European players in the draft this year, no question."

Off the top of my head, the guys Petrie might be referring to as having put their names in and withdrawn before are Tiago Splitter and Rudy Fernandez. We've already told you Rudy is the definition of a "Petrie player" -- a skinny two-guard who can shoot and get to the rack.

The European name I'm hearing a lot right now, though: Kyrylo Fesenko of The Ukraine. Three factoids: Fesenko entered the draft but withdrew last season, Petrie's European trip began in... The Ukraine, and Fesenko is coming to Florida in June to work out with Kevin Martin's trainer David Thorpe.