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Amick: Van Gundy Still Interested in Kings Job

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The Bee's Sam Amick is churning out the news on his blog: Stan Van Gundy, despite snubbing Indiana, is still interested in coaching the Sacramento Kings.

I reached Van Gundy by phone on Friday morning, and he said his interest in Sacramento remains strong (specifically, I asked if the interest remained, and he said, "Yes, yes"). He said he is "still talking" with the Kings, and it seems like a second interview will be on the horizon. As for the Kings' side of the process, I'm being told that basketball president Geoff Petrie may contact some of the current candidates by phone over the weekend for follow-up talks. Second interviews, however, likely will take place at the pre-draft camp in Orlando (May 29-June 4).

I'd bet on SVG taking the Orlando job, mostly because of 1) Dwight Howard and 2) location. But since we're all (well, 76% of us) hyped up on waiting for Terry Porter, it introduces an interesting question, which you should answer in the poll to the right.

(I answered Porter.)