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Community Draft Board: Centers/Power Forwards Discussion

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The draft is but a month away, and I know all of us are salivating at the franchise's first lottery pick in a decade. In the interest of that, I'm stealing an idea straight from Blazers Edge: We're making a community draft board.

The end result will be a draft board of our preferred picks, 1-30 (and maybe more). Of course, we will not get the #1 or #2 picks. But we'll list those guys in order to get everyone else in order. This way, if there are trades which change the Kings' drafting position, we'll have our preference indicated.

Why do this? We're pretty obviously not going to influence Geoff Petrie's decision-making. But it gives us a chance to really evaluate this team's needs and weigh the prospect draftees against each other, and learn a lot about the kids in the process.

This is NOT a mock draft -- don't rank guys on where you think they'll go, it's about how much you want them over other guys. This should NOT be an excuse to throw out your wacky trade ideas -- evaluate the team's needs in terms of the draft and the potential for trades (i.e. Petrie wants to trade Bibby, so PG is thin), but don't rely on your preferred trade to happen for a certain pick to me made. (And don't reference your preferred trade in these threads, actually.)

Anyways, the first step is to actually discuss and 'nominate' the guys we like. After we get through those, we'll rank them by general position (bigs, swing, point guards), and finally, create an overall draft board. (And then we put our hands back in our pockets and forget it ever happened.)

First up: bigs, which include players expected to play center or power forward.

Let's get the obvious names out of the way: Greg Oden is a hero obviously. But who do you prefer between Al Horford, Yi Jianlian, and Brandan Wright? How high (or low, actually) are you on Spencer Hawes and Joakim Noah? Tiago Splitter vs. Jason Smith? What about European prospects like Ante Tomic and Kyrylo Fesenko -- do relative unknowns make you nervous when it comes to big men?

You don't need to rank everyone yet, but feel free to compare them and include relevant links. And, um, have fun.